Monday, May 21, 2012

Game of Thrones RPG (no spoilers)

Just last week the new Game of Thrones RPG was released. After looking at reviews and trailers I went out on a whim and brought the game.

The gameplay is absolutely horrible. The graphics are absolutely horrible. The voice acting is absolutely horrible. However, the story is quite good. From listening to interviews the team behind GoT worked extensively with George Martin and it really does show, the storyline is truly gritty just like the books.

In the game, there are two leading characters which have their own separate story-lines at first until later in the game they merge. This is a very interesting technique, and the developers have used this to great effect. Often creating cliff hangers to make you really want to see what happens next.

The two main characters are:

Mors the knight from the Night's watch. Whom receives a request from the King's hand. (Currently Jon Arryn, who died at the very start of the first book)

Alester a man who ran from his duties at the first born son and became a Red priest.

Through out the game your also explained events about their past which really adds depth to the characters.

Sadly, the rest of the game is a shocker. The combat is largely just picking the enemies off one by one. There is very little tactics. Although, the game does try hard by introducing skills that have extra effects depending on the enemy's status. Ie, If enemy is bleeding an attack may do extra damage. However to actually cause these effects (like bleeding) is unlikely. If not impossible most of the time.

The graphics, whilst they look terrible, they also look as though the developers have taken the time to read through the book and recreate the imagery as much as possible. The North really does give you the impression that its a horrible place to live.

The only decent voice actor so far is Varys voice acted by the actor who plays Varys.. But he does a fantastic performance. The rest of the acting is shocking however. Really just terrible, I've found myself spamming space bar as soon as I read a sentence just to avoid listening.

On the whole, The Game of Thrones RPG is decent. But only if you already love the books and don't mind playing through boring sections of combat just to get to the juicy story.Its a shame, their are some fantastic moments in this game but its not a AAA title and lacks polish. So really, wait a few months, and buy this for sale on STEAM.

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