Friday, May 18, 2012

Criticize my writing!

I'm just interested in knowing what you think of my writing skills, don't be afraid to let loose, I'm just looking for honest constructive criticism, for understanding on what to improve. So leave a comment below, it'll be much appreciated!


  1. On the whole I think you write fairly well. I think it shows you are still "finding your voice" - but then, this blog is new so it is nothing to worry about.

    The only other thing I would say is to tighten up your use of punctuation somewhat. There seem to be a lot commas about the place, sometimes confusingly. An example from your "glitch" post:

    "However, what truly makes this game great is, the 'imagination' system"

    The first comma is fine, but the second comma is un-nessary and actually confuses things a little, as it breaks the sentence. Does that make sense?

    However, on the whole I think you have an engaging style. On the glitch post again, your excitement and delight in the game really shone through. Which is great :)

    Keep writing :D

    1. Makes perfect sense actually! Thanks for the constructive criticism. I had realized I used too many commas, however I didn't believe that I was confusing at time. So thanks for the heads up =) But at least it's fairly easy to fix. =)