Thursday, May 3, 2012

First impressions of EVE

Last night was my first time playing EVE Online. I had in fact intended on posting my first impressions of EVE last night, intending to play for just 2-3 hours last night. But, well, I logged on about 5, and the next thing I knew it was 3 o’clock in the morning and despite my exhaustion I simply didn’t want to stop playing..

Last night I completed the Tutorial and Career missions for my region in space, which give you a decent impression on SOME of the activities available in EVE.  I LOVED the industrial missions. Scouting for minerals needed to create schematics which full knowledge that hulkageddon is on, and some random pirate may just kill me for ‘lols’, then using those resources to create modules to sell, while it may sound simple is highly satisfying. I am generally excited to start purchasing schematics which are profitable and reasonably priced, once I have some initial capital.

Last night, I made an easy 3 million ISK, which may not sound like much, but for a complete newbie, it seems like a fortune. Enough to buy all necessary skills books for the near future with plenty left over.

I have quickly discovered that goals are very important in EVE, necessary even, to fully enjoy the game. So currently my goals are:

Short Term:

-Buy a schematic for manufacturing for a t1 frigate, module or ammunition that is profitable. (Time to get the excel running for this one ;) )
-Make 10 million ISK in a single night
-Start P.I for materials.. (i’ll need to subscribe for this one)

Long Term:
-Join an Aussie Worm-hole corp
-Make 100million ISK in total
-Start manufacturing Cruisers/Medium sized Modules

PS. A GM sent me a message asking how i’m enjoying EVE, and offered to answer any questions I have. I was quite impressed.

PPS. If you have any constructive criticism, please send me an email at =)


  1. When is your normal play time, in Eve time?

  2. About, 5-12 AU Time (+9 or 10 GMT I believe)

  3. Ah, don't think that would line up with us :) Good luck