Friday, May 18, 2012


Glitch is a casual MMO by Tiny Speck. Now, often gamers shudder when they hear MMO and Casual in the same sentence. My self included, until Glitch I only ever thought of these casual games in the same vein as Facebook and many iPod games, with utter disgust and contempt. Glitch is honestly a fantastic game. Something to pick up and play for 30-60 minutes. Although that often turns into several hours.

Glitch has absolutely no combat. That closest you get is PvP 'games' with goals like capture the flag or King of the Hill. Instead it prides itself on crafting and recently, housing customization. The crafting is honestly the best I've played. Ever.

You are automatically given crafting recipes depending on skills that you've learnt ( These skills are learnt with the same skill system as EVE), and often these recipes contain multiple steps.

For example, to make a bed, you need:

- 3 Wood posts
- 8 snails (metal screws)
- 1 general fabric
- 240 fibres
- 8 boards.

Now, the boards are made by cutting down wood trees, which give you planks, you can then use a wood machine to craft these planks into posts and boards.

The snails are made by mining metal rocks. The metal rocks are then made into metal ingots, these ingots are fed to a Sloth. yes, a sloth. Which chew the ingots and spit out snails for you.

The fibres are gained by brushing foxes. You bait the foxes in specific parks or reserves and then brush them. They can then be crafted in fabrics and fibres.

Then you combine these items with a construction tool, and viola! Bed is made. This can be placed in your player owned house for your own pleasure or sold.

                                                            (Home, Sweet Home)

This is just one of many actives Glitch offers, other examples are:

- You can visit Hell and travel to a bar to receive and drink 'Wine of the Dead'

-You can create your own garden, with crop plots, trees, firefly hives and more.

-You can run away from 'Ju-Ju's'

+ So much more.

However, what truly makes this game great is, the 'imagination' system. Instead of gaining EXP, you gain Img from almost every activity in the game. Img can be used to either buy 'upgrade cards' which are passive abilities and buffs for your characters, or 'imagine' usable garden items.

Intrigued? Curious? Well, great! Give it a shot, it may interest you, and in addition, it is 100% free, the only items you can purchase are costumes for you character and 'furniture upgrades' which improve the looks. The latter of which can be brought in game from other characters.

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  1. Great post! I was the same, at one point. Heck, I even sneered at MMO games before I started playing them. I thought housing, fishing and fun little side activities were frivolous until I tried them, then I was hooked!

    I will have to play Glitch a bit more, that little house in your post looks too cute!!