Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Week And a Bit Of EVE

Great week of EVE. Initially I sought to find a low or null sec corp that used the AU time-zone, sadly I was out of luck as their was only a handful and all required at least 5million Skills points (Skill points are trained in real time, even when your not playing, and simply advance your character depending on the skill being learnt.) So that was out of the question. I had to settle for a high sec care-bear corp, that ran frequent mining corp runs. The mining was a bit dull but was making me a couple of million ISK per day. So far good. However, just last a few days ago, during a mining corp we were attacked by a new corp member and his friend.

It was quite exhilarating, I had just spent 10 million on a new mining ship + fits, and had no way to replace it easily (I completely ignored Rule Number One of EVE: Only fly what you can afford for the first and only time) but I got out just in time. My corp mates weren't so lucky, 2 Hulks, 1 Retriever and an Orca were lost.

About 5 minutes after I screamed out loud like a hooligan, "NO MORE TO MINING, I WANT TO PVP" and joined the fantastic Red Federation of RVB. Which is one large corp that are constantly at war with each other. Although do ally to fight any 3Rd party war declaration. So far I'm loving it, I'm trained to fly a Rifter effectively enough that I can hold my own and even though I live in Australia I still see plenty of action, and as I type this there are rumours that the damned Blue Republic are gathering a large fleet of Frigates and Cruisers to camp our home system!

RVB is fantastic fun, am I losing millions and millions of ISK? Yes. Do I care? Hell no. I recommend RVB to every new player, and even recommend it to veterans whom are looking for a frequent buzz from PVP.

UPDATE: There was a HUGE battle, sadly I just missed it, by a few minutes =( Will link more information about fight when available.

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